Darwin's Disciple

Nature is [beautiful] [inspiring] [wild].

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Sometimes I forget that anons aren’t tumblr robots here to keep me company

What are you hoping to do for a living after you graduate college?

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I’m going to try to connect with organizations like the WWF and maybe gather data on species or perform my own research on specific animals or ecosystems!

Whenever you change the virgin part in your FAQ everyone is just going to be giving that smirk that's all "I know what you did and that's cute"

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Oh gosh, I better go on an updating spree

Why are you so attractive? Damn boy

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All compliments can be directed to good lighting and the iPhone 5 camera ;P

Ask me things because I miss human communication



I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.

I’ve been saying this for YEARS.

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Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Nebula (“Aquila” can mean Eagle) is certainly one of the most imaged deep sky objects in the sky. Few pictures are more iconic than the “pillars of creation” as captured by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Here you can see the pillars as well as the surrounding nebula in full color. Ultimately you can scroll around the full field and see the detail in many of its famous parts (HST captured several other regions shown in this picture as well).
 Caption: Adam Block

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These may look like party balloons but they are actually rainbow grapes. These grapes aren’t a rare species, they are created during Véraison (when grapes turn from green to purple as they ripen).

Image: BizarBin/Worth1000/Sesan Olasupo/Laritech Garden Seeds Branch Company

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